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Sample Page - Text Content:
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Editing Page Content: Editing content is very similar to using Microsoft Word or Libreoffice.
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Adding a Picture
This page is a basic introduction to editing your page. You may wish to review the help section.
Unit Description:
Click on source to add color, bold to text. See table below "View Source".
183 Damon St - Walking distance to heated pool.
2 BR & 1.5 bath recently remodeled, along pond...
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Owners who want to add their rental: Email
For Instructions, See table below "Edit page content".
Can ADD a picture after your description.
So Picture would show here. I suggest web page size 640x480 for single view. Double side by side pictures = 500 x Auto Height.
or multiple pictures like below 3 in a row 250Wx133H- some pics will keep ratio. see table below. I suggest linking to smaller pictures. Think of your mobile users on a phone or small tablet.
Below Sample Table with pictures inserted = 3 Column, as many Rows as needed. Right click where you want to add the table.
SK pool
Saint Katherine Pool - alignment not set Conference Center - left Abbie Playground = default center
Insert a table - Adjust Table properties Editing within a Cell Add a table
Edit page content - Text, Add link, Add a picture Add a Photo into a cell  Link - Email - Picture
Sample Table = 2 Column:
Adjust picture size. Easier setup - make spacing & padding 5. Then reset to 1
View source:
Edit mode; Source view Word type - Edit mode
Add text within a cell or ADD a picture
I like pictures in 2 rows like the above table
above pic  width = 500