Owners basic tutorial page

Updates coming - 4/14/2020 - better sample pictures.
Unit Description, 2 BR along pond...    Sample Text
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You can create a LINK to your other page. Click the chain icon.
Owners who want to add their rental: Email
Can ADD a picture after your description. I suggest web page size 640x480 for single view.
or multiple pictures 250Wx133H- some pics will keep ratio. see table below.
Sample Table with pictures inserted = 3 Column, as many Rows as needed.
SK pool
Saint Katherine Pool Conference Center Abbie Playground
Screenshot 3 column Make sure to center table content Right click add additional row after
Add link, Add a picture Add a Table  Resize picture for a table
Single Picture: 600 W autoadjust H to 450
Sample Table 2 Column:
Adjust picture size. Easier setup - make spacing & padding 5. Then reset to 1
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